Six6s Terms & Conditions

You accept these Terms and Conditions by creating an account with the Six6s betting company and by using the services provided. Before you start making real money bets on our website, we strongly encourage you to read them carefully.

Account creation and confirmation

You can use all of Six6s’s services by creating an account. 

Anyone older than 18 years old is eligible to open an account on our website.

You have two options for registering on the platform: one-click registration or email address entry. A secure password that consumers can use to log in is also required throughout the registration process, in addition to personal and contact information.

We have the right to request the appropriate documents in order to confirm the legitimacy of our clients and the information provided during the registration procedure. We reserve the right to revoke access to the account if the user fails to provide identity documents for any reason up until the user has done so.

Each user of our website agrees to submit accurate and complete information about themselves when creating an account. Additionally, the client is required to update any changes to any of the data in his profile. Also, each client is limited to creating a single account. 

We have the right to revoke access to any accounts you establish if you create two or more because they are regarded as duplicates. We also reserve the right to request a refund of all winnings and incentives in the event that activity on multiple accounts is detected.

We may at any moment seek the following details in order to confirm your identity: a picture or scan of a debit card, ID, or valid passport.

Depending on the payment option you have selected, we may want a recent utility bill to confirm your residence, or bank statements to confirm your ability to pay.

Please be aware that by creating an account on our website, you agree to give truthful information, including your name and birthdate, which must match your legal name. Included in this is the requirement that the name you enter at registration match the name on your debit card or other payment profiles you use to conduct transactions on our platform. 

We reserve the right to suspend your account access until you successfully verify it and to reverse any transactions you have already done if you refuse to give us your identification documents.

Security checks

We reserve the right to conduct checks at any time to validate your identity information and any other information you supplied for verification in order to maintain a high degree of security for players on our website. Along with this:

  • You agree that Six6s may use and disclose any information about you to any third party for any purpose, including verifying the information you submit;
  • You consent to provide us any additional information and documents needed to complete security checks. 
  • On our platform, security checks are a required step. Our clients frequently use it to identify fraud, money laundering, and other types of financial terrorism.


  • Every consumer who places a bet on the Six6s bookmaker’s website does so in some capacity with real money. The consumer must make a deposit into his/her account before placing a bet. In this instance, the customer affirms and agrees that: 
  • The funds deposited and used for transactions on our website have been obtained lawfully; Funds will only be credited to the gaming account using a personal account, credit card, or other payment method registered in the name of our client; 
  • All charges and commissions shall be for the account of the recipient if a bank transfer is requested to return the funds to their rightful owner; 
  • All transactions made from the client’s account will be in accordance with this agreement; 
  • If not, the consumer is responsible for paying us Six6s the whole amount of the undeposited cash.

We would want to make it clear that we do not take any money from family members, friends, or business associates. Additionally, we don’t accept cash payments. We may use other financial institutions or e-payment processing companies for electronic payments.

Rights of Six6s regarding deposits and withdrawals

Regarding deposits and withdrawals, the following rights are subject to reserve:

  • In the event that a customer is suspected of making a deposit using unethical or fraudulent means, to block the gaming account, cancel rewards, and retrieve earnings. 
  • To use the services of encashment companies for the return of money;
  • To alert law enforcement authorities of fraud occurring during the payment process;
  • Use the customer’s account’s positive balance to settle any debts owing to us via Six6s;
  • Charge an additional fee for withdrawals made outside of the game.

basics of gambling

You can place single or express bets at Six6s. However, you should keep in mind the following betting guidelines:

  • For some events, we reserve the right to set maximum bets and odds restrictions. 
  • We have the right to restrict a player’s repeated bets on the same result or a set of results;
  • A bet that has been placed and confirmed online is considered accepted;
  • All placed bets are final and cannot be changed or canceled;
  • The amount of the wager will be deducted from the customer’s balance once it has been registered. In this scenario, bets may only be placed in amounts not exceeding the customer’s game account’s current balance;
  • After the bets have been properly settled, the earnings are credited to the client’s account;
  • Before the beginning of the sporting event, all wagers are accepted. Except for bets placed in LIVE mode, wagers placed after the start of a sporting event are deemed invalid;
  • If bets are computed improperly, they can be recalculated and are. If a wager is placed on an uncertain outcome, it will be canceled. In this scenario, bets put between the incorrect calculation and the recalculation are considered valid. 
  • The customer may also intentionally mislead the Six6s’s staff by giving incorrect information and requirements relating to the acceptance of bets, the payment of winnings, the outcome of the event, and other information and requirements of this sort. In this case, the bet may be canceled.

The LIVE betting rules

During a game, every client is allowed to place a bet. The following guidelines must be considered in this situation:

  • Live bets are accepted on both the primary and secondary results;
  • Live bets can be placed individually or bundled into a single express bet;
  • All bets that have been registered on the server and validated online are deemed accepted; Bets that have not been registered cannot be canceled or adjusted;
  • Live bets can’t be changed or removed.
  • Please be aware that we are not liable for errors in current match results for which live bets are allowed, as well as for errors in championship names and match lengths (sports events). We advise our customers to consult other trustworthy sources of information to further understand the statistics related to a certain athletic event.

Bonus rules

The following considerations must be made in order to activate and redeem bonus offers from Six6s:

  • Only cash bonuses are subject to the higher wager, which only applies to bonus amounts;
  • If the bonus is a percentage of the deposit, the wager is applied to the percentage amount;
  • The size of the wager is directly determined by Six6s and is based on the bonus promotion;
  • Only after the wagering requirements for a particular bonus have been met are profits eligible for withdrawal;
  • No deposit bonuses can only be withdrawn after the initial deposit has been made.

The Terms & Conditions being modified

We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions without providing previous notice to our clients for a number of reasons, including business, legal, and client needs. Any modifications will be noted on our Six6s website. It is your obligation to evaluate the most recent version of the agreement, so we firmly suggest that you frequently review the Terms and Conditions.

We advise you not to use the services of the Six6s if you disagree with a modified clause in the agreement. You will be regarded to have accepted and agreed to the modified conditions if you continue to use the site after they have taken effect.