Responsible Gaming at Six6s6

  1. You can access a variety of responsible gaming resources and information through our website’s section on responsible gaming to ensure that you use our services in a fun and responsible manner. We invite you to visit that area frequently and take advantage of the services offered there. 
  2. If you think you might have a problem with compulsive or habitual betting/gambling, we encourage you to avoid betting/gambling on any of the Company’s websites and to seek professional assistance. Our section on responsible gaming includes a list of organizations from which you can get more information and support. 
  3. If you live with minors or use your device with anyone else, we urge you to lock it with a strong password and use filtering software, which enables parents and guardians to control their youngsters’ Internet usage. 
  4. Deposit cap – You have the option to set a deposit cap for your account. This will, depending on your preference, set a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit cap. The Responsible Gaming section of our website lets you establish this cap. This cap may be raised or lowered at any moment. The deposit limit may be reduced, allowing you to deposit less than previously, at any time, but may be increased, permitting you to deposit more, only after a twenty-four (24) hour cooling-off period has passed. 
  5. Reality check – On our website’s Responsible Gaming page, you can establish a reality check. Following the establishment of a reality check, we will regularly inform you of your session statistics (total session duration, total winnings, and total losses) via a pop-up message. You now have the option to log out, examine your betting history, or go on betting/gambling. The reality check can be disabled, canceled, or enabled again at any moment.
  6. Time out – Through our website’s Responsible Gaming feature, you can ask for a break from betting/gambling. This will immediately lock you out of your account, and for the next twenty-four (24) hours you won’t be able to log back in to play any more games. 
  7. Self-exclusion – You can exclude yourself from betting/gambling if you need to take a longer break by visiting the Responsible Gaming section. You have the option to exclude yourself permanently (for a set number of months or years) or indefinitely. Your account will be locked, and you won’t be able to log in or play for whatever long is indicated. Your account with this Website and other websites run under the same license will be impacted if you exclude yourself. You won’t get any marketing communications from us during the self-exclusion period. Please be aware that removing your contact information from any mailing lists may take up to twenty-four (24) hours. 
  8. You can modify the duration of a definite self-exclusion or revoke an indefinite self-exclusion by contacting our customer care or using the login interface. Self-exclusion period lengthening will start working right away. 24 hours of a cooling-off period must pass before a self-exclusion period is reduced. An indefinite self-exclusion can be revoked at any time after a seven-day cooling-off period. Your request for a reduction in or revocation of your self-exclusion may be delayed or rejected at our discretion. 
  9. We shall make every effort to guarantee that any self-exclusions or limitations you enable for responsible gambling work as intended. However, in the event that you are successful in getting around responsible gambling restrictions and/or self-exclusions, such as by opening a new account using false information, providing false information, using a VPN, or through any other similar means, you agree to take full responsibility for any losses that may be subsequently incurred as a result of using our services. 
  10. If you self-exclude for an indefinite period of time, we will refund any remaining real money in your account (subject to the withdrawal restrictions outlined in these Terms and Conditions), but you will forfeit any bonuses, bonus money, or other incentives. 
  11. Take note that we reserve the right to voluntarily implement any of the aforementioned responsible gaming controls on your account. 
  12. If we have cause to suspect a customer may be at risk of suffering financial or psychological harm as a result of gaming, we reserve the right to monitor player behaviour in accordance with our responsible gambling policies and to impose restrictions or close an account.